Wednesday, November 4, 2009

I went down to Bondi beach this morning to join hundreds of others to welcome The Surfers for Cetaceans Kayakers to Sydney.

The crew of Hilton Dawe, Dave Rastovich, Chris Del Moro, Howie Cooke and Will Connor,

After kayaking for 36 days from Byron Bay to Sydney to raise awareness of the plight of the whales Dave Rastovich sent a messgae to Mr. Rudd and Mr. Garrett.

"You said you would take Japan to the international courts and none of this has happened"

It is so important for this message to be repeated over and over again - the Australian Government must act.

The Japanese whaling fleet is getting ready to depart (will leave sometime in November) for another season of illegal whaling in the Antarctic, so todays event was a great reminder of the need to mobilise and put pressure on the Australian government to take action.

This gathering was so inspiring and we chatted afterwards about next steps. I chatted with Waverley councilor Mora Main (Bondi beach is in Waverley council) about what local councils could do to stop whaling and she and I are throwing ideas around.

Its time to act, we cant let another whaling season go by unchallenged !!!

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