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Japanese Whalers to be Prosecuted

28 May 2010

The Announcement Today By The Australian Federal Government That It Will Take Japan To The International Court Of Justice In The Hague In An Attempt To End Its Barbaric Practice Of Whaling, Is Good News, Says Mick McIntyre, Director Of Australian Based Whales Alive.

“For years Japan has exploited a loophole at the IWC which has allowed it to continue the barbaric and inhumane slaughter of these magnificent creatures in the Southern Ocean under its so-called spurious ‘scientific whaling program’, which in reality is commercial whaling. Japan will at last be called to account for its outrageous behavior,” said McIntyre.

“Action needed to be taken outside the IWC which was gridlocked on this issue, “said Macintyre.

The Australian Labour Party went to the electorate in 2007 with a promise to take Japan to court to end whaling, a promise which is now fulfilling.

“Japan has shown a lack of good faith in stopping this barbaric practice and the Australian Government knows that Australians do not want to see any more images of Japanese whalers in action, such as we saw in 2008 when photos were published of a minke whale and its calf being hauled aboard a Japanese whaler,” said McIntyre.

Whales Alive applauds this move by the Australian Government to bring Japan to the International Court of Justice to account for its behavior.

Mick McIntyre has attended every International Whaling Commission (IWC) meeting since 1993 and will be attending this year’s meeting in June at Agadir, Morocco.

McIntyre Is Available For Interview Call 0408 884 999, Or Michael Young 0410 408 492


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